ESXi 6.0 using UEFI boot - Could not setup the video subsystem error

This time I’m not showing some hot new stuff but rather just want to introduce you to an old friend of mine, the “multiboot could not setup the video subsystem” error of ESXi. Every now and then, when I re-install my home lab (this time ESXi 6.0U1), I run into this issue. And every time I loose hours of my life time trying to remember what I did the last time. This post is ment to safe you some time and help me remember what to do when I face it the next time.

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HandsOn: Appcatalyst and Photon

If you are using Apple Mac OS and wanted to test-drive docker container there is a simple solution for that coming from VMware called AppCatalyst. I’m using VMware Fusion but i wanted a smarter solution to deploy Docker images like e.g. boot2docker does. So AppCatalyst gives you the power of the VMware hypervisor technology with an easy to use CLI and API to manage your VMs. As a little Background or Use-Case i wanted to run the docker image greencape/jekyll to test drive Markdown and Jekyll for my local writing of this blog. So we have a Use-Case and we have a technical solution for that - let’s start with the download…

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Docker-As-A-Service - Running containers in VMware

This post essentially is the translation of my article for the German IT magazine IT Administrator as first mentioned here. If you find this interesting you’ll also like the posts by my colleague Christian Klose and his experience with the Coopto plug-in.

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HandsOn: Docker and Coopto - Docker-as-a-Service in vRealize Automation

Robert Szymczak created a Plug-In for VMware vRealize Orchestrator which should help Administrators and Users to easily deploy and manage Docker Instances, Containers and Nodes on VMware Infrastructure. The project is open source and is located on GitHub and there is also a ReadMe and a Wiki available. You could also download it as a vRealize Orchestrator Package from VMware Solution Exchange here.

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Docker on VMware

Just a quick heads up on my recent writing for the German magazine “IT-Administrator” where I discuss integrating Docker using Photon, vRealize Orchestrator, Coopto, and vRealize Automation to provide Docker-As-A-Service.

If your German is a bad as my Chinese you’ll probably consider reading the Google Translate version.

Update: I took the time to translate the article for you guys. You can find the translated version here.

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