VMware Admiral - Highly Scalable Container Management Platform

Admiral is a highly scalable and very lightweight Container Management platform for deploying and managing container based applications. It is designed to have a small footprint and boot extremely quickly. Admiral is intended to provide automated deployment and lifecycle management of containers.

Rule-based resource management - Setup your deployment preferences to let Admiral manage container placement. Live state updates - Provides a live view of your system. Efficient multi-container template management - Enables logical multi-container application deployments.

Okay, that’s the description by VMware - let’s give it a try on my MacBook…

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Updates to the Puppet package

I just wanted to let everyone know that the latest release of my Puppet package for vRealize Orchestrator, that I wrote about earlier on, went live. You can find version 0.1.0 in it’s GitHub repository.

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2016-03-16 VMware GA Announcements for Cloud Management Platform and more

This week VMware announced a view updates to their Cloud Management Products. This is an overview of what was announced. For me the most important and interesting Updates are for vRealize Suite which contain a lot of Resolved Issues and the new VMware Host Client 1.0 for ESXi which may give a feeling for a new HTML5 based WebClient.

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Puppet on vRealize series - Part 3: Customizing

Here we are. The last part of this series will focus on integrating the stuff we built in the first two parts with vRealize Automation. vRealize Automation is then used to let the user customize the OS or application settings that will be set using Puppet.

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Puppet on vRealize series - Part 2: Developing

In the last part of my Puppet series I showed you how to integrate the vRatpack Puppet package with your vRealize Orchestrator and what it can do for you. In this part we’ll create our very basic LAMP Puppet module which we want to assign to the Ubuntu server prepared in the last part.

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