Last month i was able to attend my second VMworld Europe in Barcelona as a VMware TAM and i thought it would be a great idea to summarise this for you. So let’s see what has been announced and get some insights what was my job at VMworld within VMware Hands-On Labs, TAM Customer Day and TAM Customer Central.

VMworld 2018 - What’s new

There are so many Websites, Blogs, Twitter and other information available during the VMworld shows. The source of truth comes directly from VMware :VMware - What’s New at VMworld 2018

Next to all these great announcements i have a favourite project that has been announced at VMworld US and has became available as a Beta Program at VMworld Europe in Barcelona : Project Dimension For me the next step after VMware Cloud on AWS! Let your environment be managed by the guys who know it’s best!

Introducing Project Dimension by Kit Colbert

… As we talked to customers about VMware Cloud, we heard time and again how they appreciated the simplicity of the cloud-delivered as-a-service model. Yet these customers also talked about how they will continue to need on-premises infrastructure. Whether in their datacenters or edge locations, they needed local compute for reasons of latency, business continuity, or cost. In other words, customers wanted the cloud experience, where infrastructure is delivered as-a-service, but they wanted it on-premises. …

This is a very interesting quote and personally i think this could change a lot especially for customers who talk security when they think about cloud! They could keep their data and process in their on-premises datacenter but the infrastructure is delivered as-a-service!

Announcing Project Dimension Beta by Kit Colbert

It seems that we there was a huge interest in this Project Dimension so we opened a Beta Access to this service. Feel free to sign up and give it a try!

TAM Customer Day & TAM Customer Central

If you are a VMware TAM Customer then you should arrive a bit earlier to VMworld because VMware TAM Customer Day starts on Monday morning with an inspiring fresh General Session hosted by Alan Barber (WorldWide VP TAM) and Amanda Hill (EMEA Senior Director TAM) with special guest and Customer panel discussions. The afternoon is packed with TAM Customer Roundtables where you can discuss your questions and projects with our Experts. These small sessions with about 10-15 attendees continues the whole VMworld until Thursday in TAM Customer Central Area which is a special place to be and again only TAM Customers are allowed to enter this “secret area”. I heard rumours that they are serving also be the best coffee at VMworld?! TAM Customer Day ends with a reception with a special guest - our CEO Pat Gelsinger joins our customers for some selfies and discussions on business and strategy.

VMware Hands-On Labs Area @ VMworld

My main part at VMworld was to help the Hands-On Labs Support Team and i’m so excited to work with the HOL Team that i’m going to have a special post just for them; so stay tuned!