Wow, the year passes by with huge steps. When I look back I can call myself a Veeam Vanguard for almost one year. With this post I want to let you guys know what makes this influencer program so special. With Rick Vanovers mail in January I got literally a new family. To be honest I was not really sure what I have to expect from the Vanguard team. The first step was the inclusion in the Vanguard Slack Channel. This is a communication portal where all team members are united. It’s incredible how much information you can get from a chat group. It feels good to have the top 61 members of the worldwide Veeam community behind you. Questions that arise during a customer appointment will be answered in just a few minutes. It is used for knowledge transer, socialising and just having fun like a family do.

As a next step, Raslund Haslund asked me if I would like to do a VMCE-ADO online training for the Vanguards. The goal should be to evaluate whether the new VMCE-ADO course was online capable of being expanded. It was just awesome. There were Vanguards from around the world. Some were just having breakfast in the US and others were trying to keep up with coffee in Australia. It was so much fun and I got the first personal contact with the guys I knew from our slack channel.

The next highlight was the VeeamON in New Orlaeans. Veeam has made sure that all Vanguards can also be there. In addition to a lot of beer, there was also a few NDA Session exclusive here. Somehow it feels good to get updates before everyone else knows. I could get used to that.

But there is a lot more. In addition to all these great highlights, it feels just good to have a say. The feedback of each one is listened to and possibly even put into action. Furthermore, regular calls take place where new features are discussed extensively before they go to market.

Fig 1. look at my new family

So hopefully I get another chance to participate in this awesome program again in 2018.



What does Veeam Vanguard means?

If some of you do not know what the Vanguard Program is please follow the link below