Hi Folks, if you take a closer look into the field you may notice that VMware vSphere tags become more and more popular. This short post will help you to identify untagged VMs in your VMware vSphere environment. The last couple of months I had some Veeam projects in huge infrastructures. How to design and build the backup jobs is the common question. I love tags and they are always my preferred way to build backup jobs.


  • Each VM can have multiple tags
  • You can automate the tag assignment (for example with Veeam One)
  • You can recover a virtual machine with a tag
  • You can add VM tagging in your deployment process to automatically backup VMs
  • And much moreā€¦..

So imagine you tagged all your virtual machines to match your desired backup policy and your colleagues are deploying several new virtual machines per day. How can you ensure that everything is backing up like estimated? How can you ensure that one of your colleagues may forgot to tag a newly created VM?

The answer is quite simple. Use vSphere PowerCLI or Veeam One if you have it running. So let us have a look on how it works.

First you have to download and install vsphere PowerCLI

Fig 1. Launch vSphere PowerCLI and connect to your vCenter Server
Connect-VIServer -Server IP or FQDN -User '[email protected]' -Password XXXXXXXX
Fig 2. If you get a certificate warning you can ignore it
Fig 3. Run the following command and see all untagged VMs
get-vm | ?{ (get-tagassignment $_) -eq $null}