Hi Folks, yesterday was a bad day. I felt sick since sunday and I had a lot to do for an upcoming meeting with one of my customers. I spend the whole day with writing a concept.
After I finished my writing work I had tons of mails to answer. Completely down I decided to cook a chicken soup against my sickness. While I was preparing food a mail was poping of in my Outlook client. I took a look to my notebook and couldn´t trust my eyes. RICK VANOVER was writing to me. He told me in his mail that I am nominated for the Veeam Vanguard Program 2017. I was so happy and proud in this moment.

To be honest since the nominations were closed on Dec. 10th I checked almost every my newsfeed on linkedIn and the Vanguard homepage for the new nominations. But I could not believe that I have the chance to participate in this program. It is an absolute honor for me in my “young” age of 27 to be a part of a worldwide expert community for an awesome product.

It was a blast! Rick, you made my day!

Fig 1.Ching Ching

Special thanks to Hendrik

I want to use this post to send a special thanks to my german Veeam fellow Hendrik Bardowicks. Hendrick was my mentor once I started my carrer at a german IT partner. Almost all my knowlegde is based on his teaching skills. Sometimes it was hard to work with Hendrik, because he is a perfectionist. But to be honest without Hendrik´s help I would not be at the point where I am right now.

Fig 2. Thank you Hendrik

What does Veeam Vangurad means?

If some of you do not know what the Vanguard Program is please follow the link below