Hi Folks, so Veeam Backup & Replication version 9.5 is about to release in a couple of weeks. Most of you guys should had seen some of the new features poping up in Veeam Marketing newsletters but there is much more under the hood. This post will show you all new features and a short explaination of what do you have to expect.

Keep in mind this is a minor release but with a mass of new great features. If you plan to upgrade your existing Veeam v9 deployment you do not need a new license file. Especially if you ran out of support and subscription you are welcome to update either.

Windows Server 2016 support

That means for all Windows Server 2016 components and all applications like Exchange 2016, Sharepoint 2016 etc. Furthermore Veeam 9.5 will support Hyper-V 2016 including Nano Server, Microsofts RCT - Resilient Change Tracking, and Storage Spaces

ReFS Integration

Microsofts new ReFS 3.0 will be fully supported by Veeam. Customers will take advantage of Fast Merge and spaceless GFS fulls which are created in a much smoother way using FastClone API. In my eyes a must for all Veeam repositories.

Nimble Storage Integration

Nimble will be the fourth Storage Vendor that is fully integrated into Veeam. The deepness of integration equals to Netapp integratition, which was introduced with v8.

Fig 1. Nimble Storage Integration

Direct Restore to Azure

Former known as a standalone product. Now it is fully integrated in the UI.

Under the hood

  • Endpoint restore to a Hyper-V VM
  • paralell disk restore for full VM recovery
  • double up backup acceleration technology
  • Broker Service for vCenter inventory Caching
  • Proxy affinity Rules
  • Oracle Restore from Enterprise Manager
  • SQL explorer enhancements
  • direct VM restore from tape
  • file to tape job enhancements
  • DD Boost 3.1 support


So you see it is only a minor relase but with a bunch of enhancements. I have many customers that are still waiting for the GA release. At the end of this post I want to introduce the best feature in my eyes. You are now able to change the color theme of the Veeam GUI. You have the choice of three more colors. Isn´t it great?

Fig 2. Color Themes in Veeam 9.5

Hope you guys feel like me and can not wait for the upcoming product release of version 9.5