Remember these days we created cool login pages and always had these words in our heads : DISCLAIMER - NOT SUPPORTED! :-( Time is changing now for the coming release version 7.0 of vRealize Automation!

Early 2015 William Lam started with How to customize the new vSphere 6.0 Web Client login UI? a really great blog post with some cool (or not so cool) customized login screens for vSphere 6 Web Client. As time goes by (maybe one week later) you could read about How to customize the vRealize Automation login page.

To be honest we have to name the blog post by Fabio Rapposelli from May 2014 who described how to change a SSO login page and maybe could be named as the grandfather of this idea?!

So let’s see how things are changing in (hopefully) coming releases and integrations of VMware Identity Manager… This is the new VMware Identity Manager Login Screen which welcomes you when you login to vRA 7.

Standard or default Login screen

Logged in as TenantAdmin go to Administration - Branding - Login Screen Branding and be creative!

This is where the magic happens...

To see what you had configured just logout, close your tab/window and open up again the login page to your vRA Tenant.

Here we go with my really first customized login Screen for my vRealize Automation 7 Tenant.

BTW: the Wallpaper could be found here

Yeah it works AND it is SUPPORTED!

Have some fun with vRealize Automation, Identity Manager and your endless creativity!